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Personal Loan


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We encounter many challenges in our lives at different stages. While we face these challenges through personal efforts, financial help is something that we all look for. Personal loan is an unsecured loan given by financial institutions and banks which helps us to meet our personal occurrences.

Need for Personal Loan:

Financial crises can occur anytime in life. There are times when you need money for emergency medical bills, weddings at home, house renovation, or maybe some educational expenses. A personal loan proves to be a great aid at this time. It not only helps you in your financial crisis but if you repay it with time it helps you to improve your credit score and makes it possible for you to take a bigger loan next time. Usually, in the personal loan you do not need to put any security with the bank or financial institution, all you need is just a good credit score.

Easy to Avail:

Are you wondering if it is difficult to avail personal loan and how to apply for it? No worries. We at Fast Credit helps you to bridge the gap between you and the financial institution. Fast Credit has partnered with numerous banks which lets you avail of loans. So, looking for a bank to satisfy your need is not a matter of concern now. We understand how time-consuming this task is to find the bank. All the banks give attractive rates of interest and we make it a hassle-free process for you.

Features of Personal Loan:

Let us tell you amazing features of a Personal Loan:

  • Interest Rate:  The interest rate in a personal loan completely depends on bank to bank and on your credit score as well. Your income and age also decide it. Usually, all the banks have almost the same interest rate with little difference.
  • Age Every loan: The borrower must meet the minimum age requirement of 21years. Banks decide the maximum age limit on their own. Mostly, the repayment period of every bank is a maximum of 70 years depending upon the age of the candidate.
  • Processing Fee:  Processing fees in personal loan completely depends on bank to bank. Usually, it varies from 1-2% of the loan amount.
  • Loan Amount Borrower can get a loan amount from 50,000 to 50 lakhs of amount depending on the eligibility and the requirement.
  • Pre-Payment Fees if any borrower wants to repay the personal loan before the decided time then in this case one needs to pay charges range between 1-2% of the outstanding amount when the loan will be closed.


Our goal at Zzorba is to provide access to personal loans and education loan, car loan, home loan at insight competitive interest rates lorem ipsums. We are the loan provider, you can use our loan product.